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Here you'll find books, booklets, and DVDs on survival and self-reliance.  Plus, we have fire-making tools, herbs, knives, knife-sharpeners, water purifiers and more.  LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC NEED! 

You can call our office at (626) 791-3217, or mobile at (323) 605-7283

Please first check our SPECIALS, and then scroll down to see our other products.  Thank you for visiting!

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Purchase the DVD called "Survival Foods,"where we see Huell Howser interview Christopher and Dolores Nyerges in downtown Los Angeles -- and choose a free copy of Enter the Forest book, OR a magnesium fire starter.

ALSO, any order over $100 will get a free copy of Shiyo Miller's "The Winds Erase Your Footprints,"the true story of life on the Navajo reservation during the Great Depression.  (see description below).









What do you do when you've lost or misplaced your keys? There are several ways to open a lock, and one way is with the rake (or pick) and tension bar. Yes, you would benefit by taking a lock-smithing course, and many simple lessons can be found on YouTube. We sell you a rake and tension bar, but you'll have to learn how to use them on your own.




A good knife sharpener is a MUST. This one is compact, and fits into a leather case.




This is an awesome one-piece knife capable of incredible punishment, such as splitting logs (for making bows, or hearths for fire-making, etc.). The hollow handle allows you to attach a handle. High carbon steel. Includes a sheath. The blade is 7 inches; the knife is 12 1/4 inches overall.




The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife takes inspiration from the Grohman 1950's classic (from which the Herter’s Company made a very popular knock-off). This knife has all the features that made the original an award-winning, international favorite. This version is made out of German 4116 Stainless steel and hollow ground to a razor edge. It will glide through just about any material because its elliptical profile is very efficient at reducing cutting drag.

The Polypropylene handle is equally efficient, fitting snugly in any hand. It's slightly offset in relation to the blade to keep one’s fingers safely out of the way. Light and tough enough to endure hard knocks, it will never break or fall apart in the way a traditional wood handle is prone to do. (Correct, it does not have a full tang.)

This 2-ounce blade comes with a black Cor-Ex sheath. It's light, slim and compact enough to carry on your belt or slung from a cord around your neck.   Blade is 4”, overall length is 8 ½”.  Economically-priced.  $20.




Our neck knife is handcrafted in California by custom knife maker Don Rehmke. This knife features high carbon O-1 Steel and comes with a custom kydex neck sheath.

The knife measures 6-3/8 overall with a 2-7/8 cutting edge* The knife is Blued to help prevent rust, however a light coating of oil is always recommended on non stainless steel knives.

We normally have these in stock. When the knives are not in stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Click Here for a larger image of the Neck Knife.








These are the original ratchet clippers that make it easy to cut wood and branches.  They are great in the garden, and in the field.  If you have been on Christopher's outings, he is using these all the time to make clean cuts to cut plants for food, or mulefat for hand drills and arrow shafts, or willow for bow drills, etc. etc. etc.  If you want a quality pair of clippers for long-term hard use, these are the ones you want.  Yes, you can buy cheaper knock-offs, but they won't last like these.

$30, specify traditional yellow, or purple. 

 $34 with nylon sheath