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survival education since 1974





            Nyerges has a lifelong passion for wild foods, self-reliance, and survival skills. He began to teach Wild Food Outings in 1974, sponsored by WTI, and over 34,000 students have attended the classes in the last 40 years. Nyerges was editor of Wilderness Way for 7 years, and outdoor columnist for over 12 years, and the author of numerous books ("Guide to Wild Foods," "How to Survive Anywhere," "Self-Sufficient Home," and more - CLICK for online STORE. see the Store). Christopher and his wife Dolores started the School of Self-reliance as a means to share practical real-life everyday skills with average city-dwellers via classes and publications. Though Dolores passed away in 2008, Nyerges continues to share unique and life-changing classes with an astounding array of world-class itinerant teachers, each of whom Nyerges considers not just associates but close friends. [click to See Our Schedule].






School Of Self Reliance's


            Richard Adams served in the U.S. Army, and has completed many of the Tom Brown Jr. courses, as well as courses with Jim Lowery of Earth Skills. He is a Sierra Club O2 Leader. Adams is skilled in mountain First Aid Training, and has expertise in many of the Native American skills. He is also a skilled photographer. He can be contacted via email: rick2848@verizon.net 










            Pascal is a wild food instructor, master food preserver and food safety adviser. His passion is to study the culinary uses of local wild plants, produce unique ingredients (beers, spice blends, wine, various preserves, etc.) and create a cuisine based on the true flavors of Southern California. He also works with some of the top chefs and restaurants in Los Angeles as a wild food consultant. He can be reached at www.urbanoutdoorskills.com. or www.wildfoodlab.com.




Paul Campbell passed away in September of 2014. His teachings live on through all of us.

            Paul Campbell wrote the classic work 'Survival Skills of Native California,' which was based on years of research. He teaches at Rabbit Stick and Dirttime, and often participates in Native American events. He has also written "Earth Pigments and Paints" and "The Universal Tool Kit." As for contacting him, he doesn't want you to bother him. If you have a message for him, send it to Christopher. 








            Though hiking and backpacking came to Keith Farrar later in life, he still enjoys every moment in nature even after 20 years of outdoor activity. Keith discovered Christopher's classes over 15 years ago and has been studying the skills ever since. He's worked as an assistant instructor to Jim Robertson, which helped him develop his knowledge of primitive skills. He also volunteers his time to several agencies where he takes school children on nature walks. According to Farrar, "The children are always amazed to hear and see how the Native Americans were able to live with only nature as their supermarket, drug store, hardware Store, and clothing store." Farrar has enjoyed teaching classes to Scouts, children and adults for the last 5 years. You can reach Farrar at http://wilderness-skills-school.com.  








            Gary was introduced to the outdoors at a young age by his father who taught him fishing, hunting, trapping and general outdoors skills. As an adult, he has honed his skills by taking ethnobotany and survival skills classes in the Puerto Rican rain forest, Alaska, Caribbean, and Europe. He has been a student/assistant for over 10 years with the School of Self-Reliance. At Urban and Wilderness Survival School, Gary teaches wild food identification, trapping, dead falls, fire-making, and general outdoor survival skills. His schedule of classes can be seen at www.urbanwildernesssurvivalschool.org.  









            Alan Halcon is one of the founding partners of Dirttime.com and the chief instructor for outdoorselfreliance.com, where he teaches bushcraft skills and Wilderness Living skills-trapping, knife handling, first aid, firemaking, knot craft, camp cooking, wild plants and more. He was a writer for "Wilderness Way" magazine (now defunct) as well as is the author of the informative booklet "The Handdrill". Contact Alan at: www.outdoorselfreliance.com.














            Nhan is a Traditional Medicine practitioner, Bladesmith, Martial Arts and Self Defense trainer, and Primitive and Wilderness Skills instructor. A UCLA alumni, Nhan graduated as a pre-medical student with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pyschobiology and went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and run a private medical practice. He now focuses his time on promoting awareness, freethought, and self reliance through teaching ancient skills, nature connection, and healing arts with his wife, Victoria, through the EarthSky People project. Nhan can be reached at: www.EarthSkyPeople.org








            Dude has a few passions: One is primitive survival skills and self reliance, and the golden era of camping in the traditional manner. His background? He has done everything and been everywhere. He offers consultations on survival skills and self reliance. He is a founding partner of Dirttime, where he can be reached through Dirttime.com. [It is rumored that Dude is the godfather of Dirttime.] A large part of his life was as a very successful music producer and music publisher. His book "The Songwriters Survival Guide to Success" is available on Amazon. Website is: www.Songconsultant.com.







            Robertson enjoys teaching the ancient Aboriginal Skills which help us develop a deep meaningful connection with our natural environment, ourselves and others. This "connection" has been missing for too long for many of us, and is one of the root causes of many mental/emotional/physical ills in our societies today. "It's all about relationships and communication!" says James. He can be reached via e-mail: j3rbrts@gmail.com or phone: 310-395-0943, or website: www.aboriginalskills.com. 








            Timothy Snider is a trained arborist, botanist, and ethnobotanist. He occasionally leads the plant identification walks. Another of Timothy's interests is the archaeo-astronomy of the American Southwest. He can be reached at (626) 394-4122. 











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