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Here you'll find books, booklets, and DVDs on survival and self-reliance.  Plus, we have fire-making tools, herbs, knives, knife-sharpeners, water purifiers and more.  LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC NEED! 

You can call our office at (626) 791-3217, or mobile at (323) 605-7283

Please first check our SPECIALS, and then scroll down to see our other products.  Thank you for visiting!

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These are the original ratchet clippers that make it easy to cut wood and branches.  They are great in the garden, and in the field.  If you have been on Christopher's outings, he is using these all the time to make clean cuts to cut plants for food, or mulefat for hand drills and arrow shafts, or willow for bow drills, etc. etc. etc.  If you want a quality pair of clippers for long-term hard use, these are the ones you want.  Yes, you can buy cheaper knock-offs, but they won't last like these.

$30, specify traditional yellow, or purple. 

 $34 with nylon sheath




"You can never have enough mugwort!" Dried mugwort is one of the best materials for getting your primitive fire going. You make a birdnest-shape from the dried leaves, add your ember and blow on it until you get a flame. Native Americans used mugwort cigars in the old days to carry thier ember from camp to camp. It is also used in Chinese acupuncture, called "moxa." You'll get a sandwich bag pouch of the dried leaves.





Epazote (Chenopodium ambrosiodes) has been used in Mexico and Central America for centuries. It has been used for many herbal remedies, as well as a seasoning for bean dishes and other foods. It is most commonly known as an anti-flatulent [nature's Bean-O] when added to beans. Use in your cooked foods, or even add to dog food to prevent gas and indigestion. If you ever had to spend time in a bomb shelter, you'd really want to have some epazote with you.




Turn any unproductive part of your yard into a bountiful and delicious wild food patch! Get a package of wild seeds that are easily grown and will produce you with nutritious plants for nutritious meals. Note: It is not advisable to plant these wild seeds in your yard if you live near a native plant habitat, because it is very easy for the wild plants to spread and cause habitat disruption.


Lamb's Quarter Seed

Lamb's quarter seed (the leaves are eaten raw or cooked, and the seeds can be added to bread batter or soups)



Curly Dock Seed

(the leaves are added to cooked dishes, or used like French sorrel in salads)




("cheeseweed") (the leaves are used in raw or cooked dishes, and the "cheeses" can be eaten)



Wild Food Patch Starter Kit

Our Wild Food Patch Starter Kit comes with all three seeds, plus one more seed (depending on what we have available), and instructions.





This is a tobacco-free blend of wild herbs. We use manzanita leaf, mullein, mugwort, sage, passionflower leaf, yerba santa, willow bark, and others.

$12 a bag