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survival education since 1974

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            Regular field trips and workshops to learn about urban and wilderness self-reliance and survival [see our Schedule].


Learn about WILD FOODS, WILDERNESS SKILLS (such as fire-making, weaponry, shelter-building, etc.), URBAN SKILLS (such as food and water storage, emergency preparedness, alternates to electricity, etc.), and general NATURE AWARENESS and ECOLOGY awareness.


            Private and Group consultations

            Lectures to Scouts, Churches, Schools, Libraries, etc.

            Publications and DVDs to further your survival education  [Click Here for our Store]




          The School of Self-reliance arose from Christopher and Dolores Nyerges’ dream to live and to teach practical skills to mostly urban folks who’ve lost touch with our most basic roots.  The School was founded by Christopher and Dolores, now (since Dolores’ passing in 2008) carried on by Christopher and peripatetic faculty of uniquely-skilled individuals.  [Click on Memorial to read about Dolores].

            Since 1974, Christopher Nyerges has taken over 30,000 children and adults on his Wild Food Outings, Survival Skills Outings, and other field trips and outdoor programs.

            He has worked with such groups as Sierra Club, Tree People, Southwest Museum, Boy Scouts of America, Elder Hostel, home schools, public and private schools, churches, libraries, etc.

            He is the author of 17 books, including Self-Sufficient Home: How to Go Green and Save Money, How to Survive Anywhere, Enter the Forest, and Guide to Wild Foods. He was a 2016 editor of American Survival Guide, the editor of Wilderness Way magazine for 7 years, and has authored several thousand newspaper and magazine articles in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Weekly, Whole Life Times, Countryside, Mother Earth News, Acres USA, American  Survival Guide,  and others.

The classes and workshops of the School of Self-reliance have been featured on all Los Angeles-area television stations, including KCET’s “Life and  Times” and “Visiting with Huell Howser.”  For two years, Nyerges appeared on Fox TV’s “X show,” where he demonstrated survival skills on the streets of Los Angeles.


[Note: See our Special in the Store as a tribute to the late Huell Howser]



            Why do we do what we do?  We believe it builds inherent strength into every community (and country) when the individuals are strong and self-reliant. 

            We have found that most people are more in touch with their true inner strength when they actually learn practical skills that enhance their day to day life.  This goes for the skills we call “urban skills” as well as the skills we call “wilderness skills.”

            Many of these physical skills are very basic, and every Boy Scout should know these by age 12.  Thus, we encourage others to become a positive and active member in their communities, and to work to create the uplifting and safe community that we all want to live in.  We are not isolationists and are not looking for a secret cave to run away and hide. 

            We frequently recommend books and movies to illustrate key points for right living, as well as to illustrate that which should be avoided.

            We welcome adults and children, and we welcome people of all races and religions to our programs.  We espouse no religion, and we welcome people of all faiths. 

            We’ve heard rumors of “The End of the World” for decades, and yes, a comet could crash into the earth any day, rendering our normal way of life rather messy!  Yet, we’re more concerned about the problems and crises here and now, and how each one of us, in our own way, can be a part of the solution. 

Christopher's Appearance on National Geographic's Doomsday Prepper Program
              Christopher on National Geographic

Christopher makes his home in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. He holds classes on a weekly basis throughout the year, where folks from all ages and backgrounds have an opportunity to learn from one of the countries foremost authorities on survival and emergency preparedness.  He also offers private and group consultations.

His unique style of instruction, coupled with the out in the field classes makes for an easy to learn, enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Click below to see The School Of Self Reliance's Official Facebook Page:
             School Of Self-reliance On Facebook


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NOTE:  Christopher's first novel, "Tunnel 16," is available from Kindle. 



For more information email Christopher at  christopher_nyerges@yahoo.com

or, call our office at (626) 791-3217, or mobile at (323) 605-7283